Recreational drones near wildfires are not safe #IfYouFlyWeCant #NoDronesInFireZones

There have been multiple aircraft incursions, including drones, planes, and helicopters, on the wildfires burning in Northern New Mexico over the past several weeks. The most recent incidents took place on May 14th and 15th, 2022, on the Cerro Pelado Fire in the Jemez Mountains. We can’t stress enough how dangerous drones and other private aircraft are to firefighting efforts. Please obey closed airspace rules and DO NOT fly near wildfires!!

If You Fly, We Can’t Recreational drones near wildfires are not safe. Flying recreational drones over or near wildfires could cause injury or death to firefighters and hamper the effectiveness of wildfire suppression operations. If recreational drones are detected over or near a wildfire, aerial firefighting aircraft may be grounded, causing wildfires to grow larger and unduly threaten lives, property, and natural and cultural resources. Individuals who interfere with wildfire suppression efforts may be subject to civil penalties and criminal prosecution. Learn more at

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